This is a Brumbaer assault gun with a 150mm cannon (StuH150L12).

The Hummel is a lightly armored self-propelled Howitzer. Designed to enable artillery support to be closer to the frontlines and to be able to move with the Panzerdivisions. It carries a 150mm cannon and is based on a stretched Pzkw III chassis.

The Hetzer was built as a tank hunter in 1944. small size, a low sillouette and a powerfull 75mm gun (KwK75L48) were it's main assets. That and cheap manufacture. iIt was built up on a Pzkw38t chassis.

The JagdpanzerIV was built up on a PzkwIV chassis with a 75mm (kWk75L48). Used mainly as a tank hunter, it's low sillouette and increased frontal armor being it's main advantages.

This is the Jagdpanzer derivative of the Panther main battle tank.

This is the PzkwIII J. This was the mainstay tank of the German Afrika Korps. Armed with a long 50mm cannon (KwK50L60), it was more than a match for it's allied contemporaries in the desert. Fast and agile, it was a good tank.

Here a side view of the PzkwIII J.

The PzkwIV, this is an Version F2, was to take over from the PzkwIII ans main tank of the German Wehrmacht. Armed with a longer 75mm cannon (KwK75L43), the F2 was the first PzkwIV that was designed as a battle tank. The previous PzkwIV's were armed with a short 75mm gun (KwK75L24) and were designed as infantery support tanks.

Here a rear view of the PzkwIV

This is a nice poster showing the major types of the PzkwIV.

Here a diagram of the armor thickness and angles of the PzkwIV

The sighting mechanisms of the PzkwIV's 75mm cannon.

This is the mighty PzkwIV-Tiger. Armed with the dreaded 88mm cannon (KwK88L54) and armor to spare, this tank struck fear into the hearts of all allied tankers. Able to destroy all but the heaviest enemy tanks at ranges where they couldn't penetrate his frontal armor, the tiger was the king of the battlefield from his appearence in late 1942 till the end of the war in 1945.

Here a closer view. This tank is running in "Transport Ketten". The tiger was so wide, that it could not fit onto the standard German trains with it's combat tracks (the ones lying in front of it).

The PzkwVIb or Koenigstiger was an attemt by the Gremans to improve on the Tiger. Armed with an even more powerfull 88mm cannon (KwK88L71) and even more armor, it represents the hight of German tank production.

This is the PzkwV Panther. Arguably the best tank of the second world war, it is said to be the perfect combination of firepower, armor and mobility.

Here a closer view.