Here are just a few of my miniatures

A better pic of my Terminator squad.

And i have a new display case for the figures.


Terminator Captain of my Chapter, the Emperor's Sting


And here one of their opponents


As I just got a new digital camera, I'll be adding more images soon :-)

But first some older pictures

And here something different

An Esher Juve I did a couple of years ago.

One of the old Terminator Inquisitor.

Sadly the quality of the next images isn't that great. But I'll make new ones as soon as I can.

My Chapter Lord

My Chaplain

Sergeant of one of the tactical squads

Here is my one Terminator Sergeant

Here he is from the left

and here from the right.

And here he is with his squad.

Here is my displaycase with some of my miniatures.