Here are some of the miniatures I'm currently working on.

Here some newer updates. I haven't been paining that mmuch lately... shame on me ;-)

i was lucky enough to get my hand on some of the new Space Hulk Terminators.

Also, I have managed to get hold of some Army Painter Quick shade. The stuff is good for making rank and file troops at TTQ very fast. It does need to be matted afterwards though.

One of my Dreadnaughts for my chapter. Playing around with checker patterns.

Also some more shots of the Daemonette. Not that much progress but i am getting there ;-)

Further along the line with the deamonette. First attempt at blending.

And my first serious attempt at NMM

Here some WIP of the Slaneshy deamonettes



Here we have the horse of the Nurgle Champion at a very early stage. Just finished the basecoat. The images turned out very blue due to the bad lighting.

Here it is from the front. The skeleton head is almost done.

And here is the other side.

Further along the line... started with the shading.


This is a bit gray, as I had to filter out the yellow light cast by the 60W globe.

I've been working on the rider a bit.

I've tried to give the sytheblade a rusted patina look.

Here my first attempt with oil paints and blending.

And from the back.

First NMM attempt

And the other side