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The main aim of this homepage is to share my hobbies and photos of my travels with family and friends that are dispersed all around the world.

Also please note that this is a work in progress, so be patient and know, that not all links are going to work


A long time since an update. Anyways, I hope to keep it more up to date from now on.

2011-08-11 Class of '91 Photos

2004-10-6 Bill and Michelle's Wedding on 04. September 2004

2004-07-02 Trip to London 14-15. May 2004

2004-06-29 Pictures from the Games Workshop store in London

2004-06-27 Updated the Kitties Page

2004-06-27 Uploaded the rest of the Ski Holiday

2004-05-29 Ski Holiday

2004-02-07 Trip to Stockholm

2004-02-07 Vasa Museum in Stockholm

2004-02-07 Pictures from the Games Workshop store in Stockholm

2003-12-14 Trip to Strasbourg.


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