Here you will find information about my wargaming hobby. I play (on occasion ;-) ) Warhammer40000. This is a Tabletop Wargame that is played with 25mm miniatures and dice. This game is made by Games Workshop. The miniatures are available at either dedicated Games Workshop stores around the world or in some hobby shops. My main interest in this hobby is however painting the figures, so I am including a gallery that will show my miniature Army. Not all my figures are from Games Workshop though. I have several Rackham Miniatures, as they are really exquisite.



Army list

Images from The Games Workshop store in Stockholm

Images from the Games Workshop in Oxford Street in London

The Army list is the theoretical Army in WH40k that I could field, should I get around to painting all the minis that I currently own. Due to the length of time it takes for me t paint 1 mini and the time I have available to actually paint... well, let's just say it will take quite some time to complete this project.

I have added a new section:

Work in Progress